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3rd floor apartment with secondary egress for emergency that goes into / through another occupied apartment.

Question asked by on Sep 8, 2020
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I manage a building that consists of five 1 bed apartments (2 on 1st floor, 2 on 2nd floor and 1 on the third floor).  

The 3rd floor unit has one means of egress via a wooden deck / stairway on back of the building.  The second required means of egress is a staircase leading down to a door with a lever that says (push to open in emergency, alarm will sound).  This door enters the 2nd floor apartment which is occupied by another tenant, hence the alarm I presume, but alarm or not is that safe / allowable?   I've emailed city building and zoning but not received a response so thought I'd see if anyone has heard of a set up like that before and if I should do something to change it.     No sprinkler system so can't just wall over door.