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No Test Header and/or “Booster Pumps”.

Question asked by bikerben on Sep 9, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2020 by nocivus

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This is a two scenario question. 

1. In an existing building with no fire pump test header, is it permissible to use Standpipe /  2 1/2” Fire Hose Cabinet valves to conduct a flow test for smaller pumps? I believe NFPA 20 (2019) (2) indicates that it is acceptable. I would like to confirm. 


2. In an existing building utilizing a “booster pump” or unlisted fire pump for a standpipe or sprinkler system, is there a suggested annual flow test procedure?  I realize there is no manufacturer’s data (0%,100%,150% rated capacity) to compare the results against. Should it be excluded from the annual flow test requirements, and just flowed during the 5 year roof top flow? I would appreciate NFPA’s input as well as, what others in the industry are doing to address this fairly common scenario. 

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Ben J Prince, RSE, CWBSP