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Hangar Grouping

Question asked by jgallagher on Sep 11, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2020 by jgallagher

We are constructing an aircraft storage hangar that is Prefabricated Steel and is 18,800 square feet;

including a non aircraft storage area designed for a bathroom/common area that is 800 square feet as part of the total hangar square footage noted above square ft hangar of 18,800 square feet.

Our Hangar Door height is less than 28' high;  we do not house aircraft that have a single wing area  of over 3000 ft squared.  We do not perform welding; fuel transfers, torch cutting, or spray painting in this hangar  it is for storage only.

The aircraft do have fuel in their tanks,  but we do not fuel aircraft or de-fuel aircraft in the hangar.  We believe that we meet the criteria for Group III.   Can you confirm what type of fire suppression would be required and what Group we would be considered?   We planned on a S-1 Moderate Hazard water sprinkler system.