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How to figure out who the fire alarm system monitoring company is?

Question asked by catchallemail9 on Sep 22, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2020 by milt.werner

Hi. I am a resident of a multifamily apartment complex. I have had multiple issues during move-in, and I'm not very confident in how the complex operates. 


A couple days after I moved in, two fire trucks showed up at my building. The fire fighters determined that the alarm system malfunctioned and sent a silent alarm to the monitoring company, but there was no actual fire. They told me that there is a company that monitors the system and that insurance requires that the system is functioning. 


I noticed that one of the actual alarm devices (lights encased in a plastic cover) that is in the breezeway on the bottom floor is buzzing/ticking rapidly. I put in a service request about it. Maintenance marked the request "cancelled". I spoke to the community manager and he said that maintenance shouldn't have done that. Then the alarm outside my door is now ticking, but it seems to only do it in the morning. 


Just this morning I now have noticed the 2nd floor alarm is ticking. And I've noticed there are alarms in different buildings that are ticking. 


I sent an email to the community manager a few days ago about my alarm ticking but he didn't acknowledge it. 

We're not necessarily on good terms at this point because he has been denying that the electronic lock system is defective, so I got the city out and they determined that my lock violates minimum housing standards...


So anyway... the fire fighter I spoke to said the fire alarm system issue is up to insurance and the alarm monitoring company. Is that true? 


Management isn't keeping me in the loop, so I'm not sure if they are doing anything about the fire alarms. I get the impression they are more about the bottom line and sales than they are about safety. 


Is there a way for me to figure out who the fire alarm monitoring company is and notify them of the problems myself?