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Underground Piping and Sprinkler Piping

Question asked by chong on Sep 29, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2020 by nocivus

I would like to check with regards to the underground, above ground and sprinkler piping to be used.


  1. Is there a requirements to use Galvanized piping for fire ring main hydrant system as per NFPA guide lines?
  2. Are cement lined pipes recommended as water authorities generally require ductile iron for underground pipes?
  3. As for Galvanized Iron (GI) ‘C’ pipes are up to 6” only and will need additional protection - eg wrapping (corrosion resistant tape)
  4. Is there any requirements as per NFPA that for underground pipes of more than 8” - 16” shall be of Hot Dipped Galvanized if the “Secondary” water source is using sea water and will be flush after used?
  5. Is there a requirements in NFPA on the design and operation temperature for fire water piping?


Appreciate your confirmation.


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Chong Y.K