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Question asked by richard.harvey on Sep 29, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2020 by milt.werner

I have a project in an Artic environment where the Owner has a large pond they would like to use for their fire water source.

Question regarding fire water reliability evaluation per NFPA 11, A4.2.1.1, recycled water, process water or grey water can be utilized in foam production providing the water quality is suitable. In addition, NFPA 24, Section 5.8 permits the use of Penstocks, Flumes, Rivers, Lakes, or Reservoirs as a fire water source but A5.8 states that a proper evaluation should be conducted before selecting a natural body of water to supply a fire protection system.

Does NFPA have a document or Standard available that provides guidance on how a potential fire water source needs to be evaluated to confirm it meets the reliability requirements and that the pond is an acceptable fire water source?