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Design of a 60-second discharge of 300 bar, IG-541 inert gas system

Question asked by niranjan.boteju on Oct 6, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2020 by dmarr

As per the NFPA 2001, we shall be able to design an IG-541 Inert Gas system with a discharge time set at 60 seconds for class A & C fires. The standard allows increasing the discharge time up to 120 seconds for Class A and C fires. In reality, how do we achieve a 60-second discharge for such a system? Are we increasing the number of inert gas cylinders than appeared to be in a 120-second discharge or by just increasing the pipe sizes while keeping the same number of cylinders as in the case of 120-second discharge? Please advise. You may consider a 300 bar IG-541 system for this example.