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Fire pump test

Question asked by louise21.alain27 on Oct 6, 2020

Fire pump test. Maximum positive suction pressure 72 psi 1250 gpm @ 65 psi 150% gpm @ 56 psi Testing at 100% of rated pressure gives 60 psi Discharge / -5 psi suction. So a net of 65 psi @ 1250 gpm. It is impossible to achieve a higher performance with this pump. NFPA 20 Where the maximum flow available from the water supply cannot provide a flow of 150 percent of the rated flow of the pump, the fire pump shall be operated at the greater of 100 percent of rated flow or the maximum flow demand of the fire protection system (s) maximum allowable discharge to determine its acceptance. This reduced capacity shall constitute an acceptable test, provided that the pump discharge exceeds the fire protection system design and flow rate. Question: Should I consider the test positive according to these articles or negative because the pump is not performing at full performance as specified by the manufacturer? Thank you !