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Fire Protection for High-Rise Buildings (The Questions)

Question asked by thanomsak.c on Oct 9, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2020 by mms.maungmaungsan

1 )   I have questions about calculation design of sprinkler systems and fire hose connections for high-rise buildings.
Due to the design of fire protection systems of high-rise buildings, the design must be separated into height zone and low zone. Therefore, I would like to know if the design for a combined riser system of sprinkler with fire hose connections. I would have to calculate the pressure together or calculate the pressure separately. So that I can determine the working pressure of fire pumps for high buildings and can be used for real.

2) From NFPA 14 (2019) Topic 7.8* Minimum and Maximum pressure limits. If I choose fire hose is Class III for high buildings. Do I have to select 100 psi designed pressure? 

3) Preservation of pressure inside pipe for the fire extinguishing system under normal conditions that have static pressure for high buildings. How must hold on the static pressure value in pipe? Because the bottom floor of the high building, the pressure in pipe will have a greater than the top floor.