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FA Notification requirements for Residential Townhome Sprinkler System

Question asked by slandis001 on Oct 16, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2020 by rfdacm02

New Townhomes in PA require sprinklers NFPA 13R or 13D.  The contractor installing the sprinkler system is providing a flow switch. The fire marshal want a horn/strobe located in the hallway by the bedrooms tied to the flow switch so it activate when there is flow. Typically this type of install would require a control panel with the proper battery back up.

I see nothing in NFPA codes or the International residential code that this horn/strobe is required. 

It would be simple to install a 120V horn/strobe activated by the flow switch but.....


(remembering this is residential);


  • Is it Code required to provide the requested horn/strobe?


  • If not required by Code and we do install the horn/strobe to satisfy the fire marshal would it need to have battery back up. That would be a problem with the simple 120V horn/strobe wired to the flow switch.


  • I am also curious if it is required to Supervise the flow switch (this was not brought up by the fire marshal)


Any code references citing a requirement would be helpful if they exist.


Thanks for the input.