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NFPA 96, Section 7.8.3

Question asked by hassan.zm41 on Oct 20, 2020
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NFPA 96 requests a non combustible wall for grease duct termination in  7.8.3 (1):

"7.8.3 Wall Terminations. Wall terminations shall be arranged
with or provided with the following properties:
(1) The termination shall be through a noncombustible wall
with a minimum of 3 m (10 ft) of clearance from the
outlet to adjacent buildings, property lines, grade level,
combustible construction, electrical equipment or lines,
and with the closest point of any air intake or operable
door or window at or below the plane of the exhaust
(2) The closest point of any air intake or operable door or window
above the plane of the exhaust termination shall be a
minimum of 3 m (10 ft) in distance, plus 76 mm (3 in.) for
each 1 degree from horizontal, the angle of degree being
measured from the center of the exhaust termination to the
center of the air intake or operable door or window, as indicated
in Figure 7.8.3.
(3) A wall termination in a secured area shall be permitted to
be at a lower height above grade if acceptable to the authority
having jurisdiction.
(4) The exhaust flow shall be directed perpendicularly outward
from the wall face or upward.
(5) All the ductwork shall be pitched to drain the grease back
into the hood(s) or with a drain provided to bring the
grease back into a container within the building or into a
remote grease trap.
(6) A listed grease duct shall comply with Section 7.4; other
ducts shall comply with Section 7.5.
(7) An approved fan shall meet the requirements of 7.8.3(5)
and of 8.1.2 or 8.1.4." 


My question: Does that mean the horizontal penetration for grease duct through a combustible, limited combustible is not allowed? 


See my sketch through fire rated wall below: 


Hassan Jwad