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Fire Pump for high-rise buildings

Question asked by thanomsak.c on Oct 20, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2020 by thanomsak.c

I have a questions.

1. My consultant have design fire pump supply sprinkler and fire hose Class III for high-rise buildings. And, They have the selection of fire pumps size 750 GPM - quantity 2 set for an office building high 150 m. Is it enough to fire fighting for a tall building ? ( I want to recheck the design.) Because, Most of the time. I see a lot of high-rise buildings installation fire pumps not less than 1000 GPM.

2. For the pressure of fire pump calculate as 21 bar.

    2.1  How much I should determine the static pressure within of standpipe?

    2.2  How much I should select the pressure of jockey pump?