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Main Bonding Jumper Location and Main service Disconnect Residential

Question asked by jeff_schirmer on Oct 20, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2020 by matthermanson

Hey guys,  I'm doing a 3600 sq ft residential job where there is 1800 up and almost 1800 finished basement. The homeowner wants the panel located in the utility room in the basement which is 35' (cable length) away from the meter location outside.  Local Wisconsin code, in addition to the NFPA, says I should have a disconnect close to the meter if the service conductors are over eight feet outside of conduit to the first disconnect.  My question is about bonding.  If I use a QO 200 amp main breaker disconnect with no other circuit spaces (no neutral load) in the enclosure mounted outside and next to the meter to feed a 200 amp panel inside the house, should I bond the neutral at the 200 amp main breaker outside and use a main lugs panel inside the house, or should I skip bonding the 200 amp disconnect outside and use a main breaker panel inside the house and bond neutral to the grounding rebar at the panel in the basement?  I'm only confused about this because the builder I'm working with claims that they "always" poke the grounding rebar up at the basement location (in the middle of the house) for the panel rather than at the exterior wall foundation near the meter location.  This would not be a question for me if the homeowner would agree to mount the panel inside the garage on the interior wall opposite the meter.  Any thoughts?