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Trough busbar bonding methodology

Question asked by apurvadave on Oct 25, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2020 by erztech

I have metallic trough load side of service disconnect means whose enclosure needs to be connected to the equipment grounding conductor. The trough has equipment grounding bus bar inside it.


In attached Figure 1 right hand side Equipment grounding conductor (EGC) is incoming in trough terminates and connects to the equipment grounding bus bar. Another equipment grounding conductor from bus bar starts connected to bus bar and goes out to loads. That’s the way I see it usually.


However the designer does not want to splice, terminate EGC and wants to be continuous. So Figure #2 left hand side he connects incoming EGC with following connector to the equipment ground bus bar:

Brumall - GLC-4DB 4 AWG Single wire mechanical lug - aluminum termination lug 

One side of the connector connects to the bus bar and the screw side to continuous incoming EGC so the EGC is continuous.


Would anyone know the web link post #1 connector can it be used to connect the wire type equipment grounding conductor to the equipment grounding bus bar or not? Anyone here have any experience is it code complaint or not?