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Express mains to remote valves

Question asked by jpotvin on Oct 27, 2020
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            The project I am currently working on requires that some of my dry valves and pre-action cabinets are not in the designated sprinkler room.  I am running express mains to them from the sprinkler header in the sprinkler room.  These valves are not in the sprinkler room simply due to some of the sprinkler zones being far from the sprinkler room.  All wet piping will be heat traced, insulated, and monitored as these pipes will be run in an unheated parking garage.

             I will be showing a shut off valve on those express mains at the sprinkler header but would it be beneficial to also show a simple riser check valve (RCV) c/w gauges and a flow switch?  I know the shut off valve is to shut that main down at the header should there be a problem on the main between the sprinkler room and the remote dry valve/pre-action cabinet.

              My thought was to have the RCV to be able to check the water pressure with the gauges.  I was not sure if it truly requires a wired flow switch though.  I am also thinking in advance with future inspections to be made easier.

              Any thoughts would be helpful and thank you in advance. Please ask me more questions if more clarification is required.