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Accessible means of egress

Question asked by Mostafa Magdy on Oct 28, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2020 by milt.werner

According to NFPA 101 section* Areas accessible to people with severe mobility impairment,
other than in existing buildings shall have not less than two accessible means of egress, unless otherwise provided in7. through

  1. What if my building was not intended to be used by people with severe mobility like army, training, and aviation facilities, do I have to provide an accessible means of egress, or I can exclude the accessibility? 

According to IBC 2015 section 1009.1 Accessible means of egress required. Accessible means of egress shall comply with this section. Accessible spaces shall be provided with not less than one accessible means of egress. Where more than one means of egress are required by Section 1006.2 or 1006.3 from any accessible space, each accessible portion of the space shall be served by not less than two accessible means of egress.

(With few exceptions)

  1. The difference I see in this section comparing with NFPA 101 Section 7.5.4, that the building shall have at least one accessible means of egress, am I reading it right, or just I don't get the idea of accessibility?, What if the building is not intended to be used by people with severe mobility am I obligated by code to provide accessible means egress?