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Conduit for battery cables

Question asked by rosewood on Oct 28, 2020
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I'm trying to get a definitive answer about if a 48V battery bank has to have its cables in conduit. 2014 NEC 690.71(B)(2) said "Live parts of battery systems for dwellings shall be guarded to prevent accidental contact ..." But then in 2017, it went away and referred to Article 701 for Legally Required Standby Systems, and has no mention of conduit or physical protection as far as I can see.


It's a no brainer to install conduit if it is in a battery box or a self contained enclosure like a Powerwall. But is it required by code? And for battery banks not in an enclosure, I don't see how it would be done if it is, other than going most of the way to the bank and then free air to the terminals. What is the code compliant way?