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NEC 2014 grouping

Question asked by apurvadave on Oct 30, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2020 by dpalmer

Assume that two SWGRs A and B are in compliance with NEC 2014 Section 230.2 first paragraph which says:


For the purpose of 230.40 Exception no. 2 only, underground sets of conductors, 1/0 AWG and larger, running to the same locations and connected together at their supply end but not connected together at their load end shall be considered to be supplying one service.


please note that above is for only 230.40 exception no. 2 which first paragraph states two to six service disconnect are grouped at one location.


so I’m attached sketch SWGRs A and B are in one electrical room.  Swgr A is against the middle wall but that wall has gap so if someone comes in from top door they don’t see the SWGR A.  The Swgr B is opposite to the middle wall. SWGRs A and B have each have main service breakers.


So the question would the main breaker of Swgr A and main breaker of Swgr B be considered group or not grouped to comply with 230.40 exception number 2?