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Can I use a Burg/Fire Panel to comply with the required smokes in a residential per NFPA??

Question asked by on Nov 1, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2020 by cdafd

I am a Master Electrician and also own a Security Alarm Business. 

I am in discussion now with a Fire Marshal about Smoke Alarms in an existing  Residential. 

This is a Single Family Residential (although the home is rented to a family currently). 

He feels that since we are using the Burg/Fire alarm panel to provide smoke detection that it falls under the same category as a fire alarm panel such as a system for a commercial establishment. Which means the Fire Alarm Application and annual inspections using my TQP. 

This just does not add up for me. And will be too costly for the homeowner.   If that is the case I will remove it and install the traditional 120/Battery back up interconnected system. 


My State has adopted NFPA 101, 72, and 70

I have done much research on the matter and have not found the correct article that supports either way. 

Any thoughts. 

Thanks in advance.