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NEC 2014 Section 230.40 exception no. 1

Question asked by apurvadave on Nov 1, 2020

Attached sketch shows building layout bottom left corner, electrical room detail bottom right corner and Riser at top.


Building layout shows Vacant space which has not been filled and Tenant A space occupancy type B. In the top middle of layout is electrical room.


Electrical room detail shows main service SWGR as soon as one enters from outside door up top and main service MDP behind middle wall.


Riser shows two main service gears: MDP and SWGR fed from one utility transformer.


Riser shows MDP has 800A main service disco and feeds thru feeder breakers tenant A loads as well as Vacant Space load. MDP has one POCO meter and rest are customer owned sub meter.


Riser shows SWGR has one POCO meter, 600A main service fused disco and feeds thru feeder breakers three house panels loads and all building RTUs.


Please note that main service disconnects of MDP and SWGR are not grouped. Set of service entrance conductor run to MDP electrical room and separate set of service entrance conductor run to SWGR electrical room all from one utility transformer.


Question is does NEC 2014 section 230.40 exception number 1 apply set of service entrance conductors running to group of occupancies or 230.40 exception no. 1 does not apply to attached sketch?