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Minimum required flow & pressure for 1 inch (25 mm) hose reel

Question asked by suhaskurikkal on Nov 8, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2020 by suhaskurikkal

As per NFPA 14 - 2016 section, 1" hose reel is allowed for Class II hose cabinets and accordingly we are using this type in our project. Our designer take the minimum flow rate as 6.34 GPM (0.4 l/s), minimum pressure 29 psi (200KPa) & 58 psi (400 KPa) for the 1" hose reel in the hose cabinet in the hydraulic calculation.


Actually as per NFPA we need minimum 100 GPM @ 65 psi for Class II hose cabinets with 1.5" hose connection and the maximum pressure limit at hose connection shall be 100 psi.What if the hose connection size is  1". Will there be any difference in the minimum required flow &  pressure.