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Water flow exterior notificatin devices

Question asked by john_rutherford on Nov 11, 2020
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Dear NFPA Member,


NFPA 13-2020 Paragraph 7.7 Water Alarm Devices states "Waterflow alarm devices shall be listed for service and so constructed and installed that any flow of water from a sprinkler system equal to or greater than that from a single automatic sprinkler of the smallest K-factor install on the system will result in an audible alarm on the premises with 5 minutes after such flow begins and until such flow stops." NFPA  72-2016 Fire Alarm Signal Initiation-Sprinkler Systems paragraph exception state " Where waterflow alarm-initiating devices are connected to a building fire alarm system, a dedicated function fire alarm control unit shall not be required."

The question is if a waterflow device is connected to a fire alarm system with exterior audible devices activating on general alarm reporting to a supervised station, would this meet the intent of code? Would the code require to install a distinct electric gong activating on water flow only?

Attached is various responses on this topic and an article on the subject matter.