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NFPA 96 and Solid Fuel Cooking/Fixed water pipe with hose

Question asked by on Nov 11, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2020 by cdafd

I am looking for the interpretation of NFPA 96 Chap 14 for solid fuel cooking. I understand the requirements regarding size of the fire box and the installation of a water hose. My question is, Is the hose used for fire fighting purposes or is it intended for cooling of the ashes after the day is done and prior to the removal of the ashes outside the building? It is also used to wet down any solid fuel inside the building in the event of a fire I am assuming.

Isn't it asking a lot of kitchen staff to fight an open solid fuel fire with a hose? Seems to be a liability if the employees are getting involved with firefighting. If the hose is intended for fire fighting, and if the fire is in the hood/duct area, are they supposed to fight the fire there as well? Creosote builds up in the duct work and the hose stream may not even be able to reach the base of the fire. 

I have read through Chap 14 many times and would like to get others input on this topic. 

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