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Does it fall under the definition of an extension fitting according to NFPA 13 16.8.6 ? 

Question asked by caceresaguirre.gianfranco on Nov 14, 2020

Good evening dear network,
I have a question about some types of sprinkler installations that I observe in the supermarkets mostly in my city.
NFPA 13 allows this type of installation, which I will now summarize and attach a reference image: in the image you can see that from the cross-feed vertical pipes come out up to a distance of 1 meter in the whole installation, which consists of a threaded tee, pipe and 1" to 1/2" bushing that is connected to the sprinkler.
Citing NFPA 13 chapter 16.8.6 is the above mentioned lines within this section? Does that 1 meter portion of pipe correspond according to NFPA as an extension fitting? No. According to section 16.8.6, extension fittings of up to 2 inches are permitted, except that if such a fitting is listed, it may exceed that.
I look forward to your comments
Warm greetings from Peru
Bach. Gianfranco Caceres Aguirre