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High ceiling Audience hall theatre sprinkler system

Question asked by tarekmesto on Nov 18, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2020 by hpoblete

We have a large theatre with 3 stories and a total of 6000 seats, and a ceiling height of about 20 meters. it is required to install a wet sprinkler system. according to NFPA 13, the classification is a light hazard, so I took a minimum working zone of 1500ft2 density 0.1 gpm/ft2.  how many operating zones should I considered inside the hall and how many hoses should I include in the water demand calculation. also, The ceiling is high should I use a 3.6 K sprinkler ??


Note that the stage I will install the deluge system as required. the wet system is for the audience area only. also can I combine both system to one pump system ?