Studying smoke-fire in housing-DTM is life

Video created by carretero110 on Feb 23, 2019

    "Approximately 3 out of 5 fire deaths occur in households with no smoke alarms or smoke alarms that do not work"

    The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) reports that in one in five household fire deaths between 2009 and 2013, smoke detectors were present at home but did not sound. Like alarming, smoke detectors did not sound in just over half of all the fires in the home, reported to the U.S. firefighters. We all know that smoke detectors save lives, inform you that one of the fundamental pieces in a detector is the buzzer, buzzer (in English) This consists of an electromagnet or piezoelectric disc and a steel sheet metal, this piece is fundamental being the That vibrates the steel sheet on the armature and producing the sharp sound, sometimes the black and dense smoke in a fast development can produce that the buzzer is stuck, canceling the detector and the inability to fulfill its function and to warn its owners , also the smoke mattress itself hinders the penetration of sound by generating a padding, this negative effect of the dreaded smoke is ruled out with the new DTM configuration because the strategic location of the detectors in the lintel favors the pressure Audible buzzer significantly decreases its exposure to high temperatures and dense fumes, getting control over the door with double detection, making it essential for early activation and allowing the successful escape.

    No doubt that direct observation in the fire scene thanks to our profession gives us outstanding information and experience reflected in our DTM configuration.

    We would not understand the manufacture and start-up of an aircraft without the testing and verification of pilots, in the same way it is less alarming not to contemplate the recommendations of those who dive and live with the smoke.

    The DTM configuration and innovations are applicable to all technological manufacturers and manufacturing companies of global firefighting devices, being the configuration and strategic positioning in the lintel of the door that makes it a system Unique, we intend to get all manufacturers to sensitize with the benefits of this new conception Asemejándola to the standardization of the ISOFIX system in automotive avoiding errors, facilitating supervision and enhancing security as a system Universal Home Facilitator.

    Thank you, you can save many lives.

    Firemen DTM