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Jim Smith
I'm looking for an interpretation of what is intended for a "remote manual stop station" in accordance with NFPA110-2010  "All installations shall have a remote manual stop station of a type to prevent inadvertent or unintentional operation located outside the room housing the prime mover, where so installed, or
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Meghan Housewright
Just last week the NFPA Fire & Life Safety Policy Institute released a report on Wide Variations in State Adoption of the NEC® Reveal Neglect of Electrical Safety. Rather than “neglect” though, perhaps “actively opposing” would be a better way to state it. Or, at least, this might better capture the statements and
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Georges Karam
NFPA 13 and omission of sprinkler system: We are in the process of building a pyrolysis plant where pyrolysis gas and carbon black are by product.  The fire from both cannot be extinguished by water, and in addition the use of water directly on the fire will cause additional hazards.  A foam system is needed for dealing with the fires.