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Wilmon Culley
I'm inspecting an RY Park with 20 sites . Each has a 50A 120/240 30A 120 and 20A GFI Recepticle with in and out lugs and breakers. There are 2 400A Service disconnects. One has 2 200A feeder circuits The other 1 200A feeder circuit and 1 60A for the sewerage system. I have asked for a schematic showing by site number which sites are on which

Abdullah Radwan
Hi,    We have city consisting of  (residential buildings, Hotels, accommodations, office buildings) , i would like to ask about central one fire pump station serve this city.   Is there any certain requirement or special details for this fire pump station ???     Regards,
Cathy Longley
  This year marks the third year for the NFPA Responder Forum, and the second year that presentations will be live-streamed from the fire service's think-tank that brings together forward-thinkers from 13 top fire organizations.   Set aside time in your day on Tuesday, October 31 to listen and learn more about key issues facing the
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Christine Smith
NFPA 70E Table 130.7(C)(7) states that rubber gloves for voltage protection must be sent out to be tested every six months and can not be over twelve months old new on the shelf without retesting. We have technicians that infrequently need to use their gloves, maybe once a month for probing over 150V when troubleshooting. By six months
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Nikolas Friehs
  Halloween is fast approaching, and with it, the rush to find the perfect costume, that great pumpkin, and just the right decorations to cover your house. Hidden within all this fun and excitement are potential fire hazards, and NFPA wants to remind everyone about some simple Halloween safety tips to help avoid seasonal hazards.