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wu jun
In NFPA 59A-2016, section (4),, had been modified. But the requirement in Table, Distances from containers and exposures; the minimum distance from edge of impoundment to property lines is specified, 0.7 times the container diameter, is still unclear. This requirement listed in Table is only for single and

Pascal Marois
Good day All,   Does anyone knows if there is a codes with the requirements of venting CFM per BTU's + range Hood clearance from cooktop to the range Hood?   This is for a residential application.   Thank you
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Cathy Longley
image from Lake News Online article   Chief Jeff Dorhaue with the Osage Beach Fire Protection District in Missouri, writes about fire hose in Lake News Online and acknowledges the significant role that NFPA has played in the standardization of the fire service. A frequent contributor to the community news platform, Dorhauer's
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Lisa Marie Sinatra
  Since the early 2000s, the media has reported on a number of deaths from electric shock drowning (ESD). What is ESD? If you haven't heard about it before, you're not alone. Unfortunately, ESD is not well known. ESD occurs when faulty wiring sends an electrical current into the water. The current then passes through the body and causes