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I'm a homeowner upgrading power from 70 to 200 amps. I've run schedule 40 pvc from the pole to the house which the inspector has approved and have power connected but can't get a final until I resolve NEC 310.104 issue. I have a threaded galvanized pipe installed in the concrete block providing a chase through the wall. The outside conduit

I work in the commercial food equipment manufacturing field and have a code question regarding Vent less (recirculating) integral hoods.  NFPA 96 addresses these, but I am seeing a significant amount of small electric ovens with integral recirculating systems on them claiming compliance to EPA Method 202 (less than 5mg/ cubic meter) being
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This is in reference to NFPA 110 Emergency and Standby Power Systems.  7.12.3 states:    If the conduit's point of attachment to the EPS in on the forcing function side of the EPS vibration isolation system, a flexible conduit section(s) shall be installed between the EPS unit(s) and any of the following so installed: (1) The
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We have an issue with a man who built a homemade spray room in his tenant space of a shopping mall. It has no ventilation and he is blocking sprinkler heads with storage. The walls are covered with visqueen and the floor is covered with cardboard and more visqueen. He uses this area to paint custom picture frames with spray paint and