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Dear everyone, does any one know the arrangement about the fire mains and its connections with the individual buildings, I have the two questions: 1.Does the water mains must be a circle or ring, is it the mandatory requirement or not? 2. Does the valve staion of each building must need to be supplied with two water connections,  is it the

Hello, I am new to this forum/subject and would appreciate for any assistance.  I plan to install power strips in a piece of furniture.  Can I daisy chain one power strip to another strip?  I understand that this is not a safe practice.  But is this violating a specific code? On the other hand I was also told that as long as
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Can someone point me to the specific section of the NFPA 70 that requires 120V outlets in commercial applications to be upside down (with the ground mounted upward)?  The usual answer I get from electricians is so that if a paper clip falls in between the plug and the outlet it doesn't short out the outlet, but if that is true doesn't the