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Lightning protection systems NFPA 780 and NFPA 70 article 250.60 and 250.106   I have a design with has multiple towers on these towers the manufacturer has lighting strike protection, the tower is aluminum they have supplied a 5 foot ground round a 6 foot piece of #6 insulated copper wire and connectors to attach to the structure and ground

Hi everyone, I am designing a system that has automatic sprinklers, deluge system, hoses and hydrants. Once I finish the hydraulic calculation of the systems working together, when I try to select the pump system, in NFPA 20 (2016) 4.9.1 it sais: "A centrifugal fire pump for fire protection shall be selected so that the greatest single demand for
  According to numerous news sources, including CNN, more than 10,000 people in the Bangladesh capital of Dhaka were displaced when a massive fire swept through a shantytown inhabited largely by poor garment factory workers last Friday evening. The loss could have been far greater, if the majority of residents were not off celebrating the
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Dear Pro,   i am making a list of the locations the "inspector test connection" is mandatory to be placed as we are getting alot of contractors question of its presence. NFPA 13 states that it shall be installed where there is an alarm check valve. The alarm test connection shall be permitted to be installed in any location
This is a existing non-sprinkled that was build in the early 70's with a existing 4" standpipe and 4" FDC. The existing pump is non listed and not working.  Sense it is not a high rise. It is a manual wet standpipe with small city water connection.