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Isa Kum
Hi can anyone enlighten me where I can find the section stated on NFPA 750 A.16.1.10. It states " The preferred arrangement for pump flow measurement is given in Figure A. of NFPA 13." However, looking at NFPA 13, the last Annex Explanatory Material for Section 17 is A. Could the Figure reference be Section 26? Appreciate if

Gus Martinez
What is NFPA's policy/code on refueling mission critical portable diesel generators while engine is running?
David Will
I am interested in the Correct and Compliant method of storing gas cylinders used for welding.   I purchased NFPA 51B ("Hot Work"), which refers back to NFPA 55 for cylinder storage requirements.   In looking at NFPA 55 Scope and Applicability, item (4) says that "This code shall not apply to....(4) cylinders used for
Gregory Mercer
I am trying to determine whether or not there are any retention period requirements for the Infrared Inspections. I found under 11.17.5 of 70B the Infrared Information, but it does not mention best practice on how long to store records from the testing. Is there a time period to keep these records?     Thanks again, Tyler
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Leon Paskett
In the facility where I am the safety manager we have restroom doors that open to an egress hallway. The restrooms only have one door for access. Currently the doors have self closers and latches so the employee has to use their hands to unlatch the door from either direction, entering or exiting . My question is "Do the
meredith hawes
Public Education Coordinator Stan Barnes, of the Farmington Hills Fire Department, took a recent news story to heart.  Stan reached out to his fellow firefighters across the state of Michigan sharing, with heavy heart, the news of a fatal accident that occurred at a fire station.  "We share in their grief and realize that as safe as we
Laura King
Teaching public education is sometimes like coaching very young hockey players; you never know quite how much information is getting through until little Johnny puts the puck deep, gives chase, then passes to a teammate in front of the net to score – just as practised!   Capt. Robert Taylor, a paid on-call firefighter for the City of