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Hello; Regarding the installation of smoke sensors in rooms with flat and high ceilings (20 feet), what is the maximum height at which I can use this type of device. They are air-conditioned rooms. We are working with Notifier fsp-951   Thanks.

For an existing conference room where the Architect required adding an outlet, the plan check person has required outlets as per this article, which requires quantity as in a residence.  In addition, it requires floor receptacles for each 215 square feet of room.   For one room, it is smaller and has doors each wall, as code does
  Everyone is familiar with the sound of a fire alarm and flash of the visual notification thanks to drills that are required at schools and the workplace. They are typically designed in a way so that everyone can see and hear, no matter where you are located in the building. What happens when you are in a building such as a hospital or
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Hello,    I am looking for an official interpretation regarding NFPA 13's FDC Pipe Sizing Guidelines. gives contradictory and unclear guidance for this matter and I am in need of NFPA's interpretation and intent of the code.  - The way I read 2016 NFPA 13 is that the FDC pipe sizing must be in accordance with ONE
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Hi All,   New to the discussion forum. At the site I work at there's one main fire water pump and one "spare" pump that is connected to the fire water system, but it's typically used for a cooling water system. The backup pump can be automatically switched over  if required or if the fire water pump is down for service.   In order
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I have a question.  If there is a crew going out to do some  electrical maintenance. But only one member of the crew is a qualified electrician. do the other people assisting him need to have CPR and other training. Or can they rely on the fact that someone nearby : say another crew close by working 3 min away. Has CPR training and
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We are often asked this question: if you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be? Personally, I think a present-day dinner conversation with Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and other pioneers of electricity would prove to be extremely interesting.  Inventors are charged with having extremely creative minds, thinking outside of the norm,