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What is the required horizontal and vertical safety separation distance between the LPG tanks and medium and high voltage lines. Thanks
I'm working on a public storage facility and i have a concern with the design.The design is a wet based sprinkler system, however there is a cavity that seems unprotected attached are sketches   thanks LKW
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Currently we are building a floor plan that has two combo alarms the living room space. On one side of the living room there’s a master bedroom entry, the other side is a guest bedroom entry space. What are the dimensions for a combo alarm to be installed between a living space and a bedroom space? Can we put one alarm in the middle of the
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I’m back this week with another installment of #101Wednesdays after spending last week in Las Vegas teaching NFPA’s Life Safety Code Essentials seminar. The news of another multiple-fatality fire in Oakland, CA that greeted me at work Monday reinforced why teaching the Code is so personally rewarding: the more people who understand and
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  Great communication requires great tools: a message; a sender; a receiver; the ability to code and encode information; and a response. How do fire departments fit all that into a tweet, an infographic, a press release, or an ad? Meredith Hawes, a regional education specialist at NFPA, explains how in the “ABCs of Educational