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I am trying to understand NFPA 101-2012 section 8.6.8.  When it says that one story must be enclosed off from the opening exactly what does that mean?  Does one story have to have closure walls exactly at the edge of the opening or can the closure walls be located away from the opening?  Can egress pass througn the non-separated

Hi, I would like to get your brainstorm advice. I have project which shall follow sprinkler design standard EN 12845 (not NFPA this time). ESFR ceiling sprinkler system (room area 1745 m², room H=12 m): pendant K-360 [25.2] sprinklers, minimal pressure at sprinkler 2,7 bar. The number of sprinklers assumed to be operating 12 units (9
The Second Draft Reports for NFPA Standards in the Fall 2018 revision cycle are available for review with a deadline to submit a Notice of Intent to Make a Motion (NITMAM) of August 30, 2018 These proposed Standards with Second Draft Reports are listed below: NFPA 14, Standard for the Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems NFPA 45, Standard
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The Ghost Ship warehouse in Oakland, California, following a deadly fire. (Getty Images) Boston city officials announced this week that they recently ordered a number of occupants who were illegally living in a storage facility to vacate the area "given the unsafe living conditions and health conditions," according to The Boston Herald. 
The newly released 2018 edition of the NFPA Educational Messages Desk Reference for the Fire Service and Fire and Life Safety Educators includes a new chapter on college and university housing with messaging addressing both on- and off-campus housing. Sample messages: Learn your building’s evacuation plan and practice all drills as if they