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James Conlan
Is it permissible to thin cut a sidewalk (1/2” wide by 1.5” deep), place the 12AWG direct burial rated cable in the cut, and epoxy over the top of it? This would be in/on a public sidewalk. And would it make any difference if the operating voltage is less than 30V? For instance change the operating voltage from 48VDC @ 10A to 24VDC @
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Donald Bussolari
When I took my NFPA 70E class the instructor stated that a "pen tester" is not a acceptable means of verifying zero volts. (Yellow fluke tester push the button in if there is power the end lights up red and beeps) I received a email today about mounting voltage testers on the front of our panels. They use the pen tester to verify there is no
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Cathy Longley
image from Lake News Online article   Chief Jeff Dorhaue with the Osage Beach Fire Protection District in Missouri, writes about fire hose in Lake News Online and acknowledges the significant role that NFPA has played in the standardization of the fire service. A frequent contributor to the community news platform, Dorhauer's