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In regards to LSC, what is considered "Transmission of the fire alarm signal"?  Is it simply activation of the alarm system to determine if all the notification devices are working, or does it include actual transmission to the monitoring station?

Under NFPA 211 how would I apply the standard to a residential range hood exhaust vent ?   Presently the majority of vents used are goose neck vents and I am wondering if this type of vent can be applied to NFPA 211.   Any input would be greatly appreciated,   Martin
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I'm installing a comercial kitchen hood on a 2 storey house the wall on back on equipment is concrete foundation 2x4 studs( lumber) drywall and ceramic tile 1 hour fire rated  . on celling is wood joist floor covered with type c drywall and 1/2" cement board on bottom and above sub floor plywood and ceramic what is need to get zero clearance
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NFPA 101 Chapter 18 versus Chapter 19. I am looking to understand if there is a date in time when AHJ's are saying a healthcare facility falls under chapter 18 or if it falls under chapter 19. Obviously new construction/renovations at this point forward are considered new healthcare occupancy, but is everything existing prior to 2012 to be