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Dear All,  a quick one i have a small room that will be used by to store Oil and grease. at the moment it design to have sprinkler system but do we need to provide foam system if the purpose of it too store such material or the sprinkler system + extinguisher will be enough.    Thanks 

Dear All, Is there any mention of several buildings connected to one reservoir and one diesel pump? Is it necessary to supply an industrial zone with a central water reservoir and 2 diesel pumps? If so, where is the mention? Thanks, Livnat
Does the NFPA provide resource materials in the form of handouts or brochures for individuals to provide at Safety Summits or Seminars? I hope to attend the 2018 Electrical Utilities Safety Summit in Richland, Washington August 22-23 and would like to be able to provide brochures for the CEST, CESW, and CESCP certifications. WHo should I contact
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I have a 3 story apartment building with folks over 55, the building is sprinkled. The issue is toast/cooking keep setting-off the smoke detector. (the smoke alarm is doing it's job) The Fire Department has asked me to do something. Can I substitute a heat detector for the smoke detector? (is the wiring the same for both) The Fire Department