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Is there any code requirement to inspect path of egress light level on an annual basis?  With LED being used more often and known to fade over time, if there is not, shouldn't there be?  industrial hazards topic

We have some 55 gal drums of flammable waste on site.  We keep them grounded with clamps to prevent static discharge.  Should we connect them through a resistor to slow the discharge and prevent sparking when un-grounded personnel touch the grounded containers?
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We have an issue with a man who built a homemade spray room in his tenant space of a shopping mall. It has no ventilation and he is blocking sprinkler heads with storage. The walls are covered with visqueen and the floor is covered with cardboard and more visqueen. He uses this area to paint custom picture frames with spray paint and
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Jubail Industrial College (JIC) signed a Training Agreement with National Fire Protection Association Inc. (NFPA), a Massachusetts Not-for-Profit Corporation with offices at 1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA, USA 02169-7471 to deliver 5 day NFPA Code Seminars, and 5 day NFPA Certification Seminars.   NFPA is responsible for 380 fire codes and
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NFPA 410 section requires "To reduce the hazards associated with static electricity, aircraft shall be electrically grounded when parked in aircraft hangars."   Boeing Aircraft are statically grounded thru the aircraft tires as required by specification. I would assume this is the same for Airbus model aircraft. If the hangar
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I have installed three solar arrays on three different buildings. Each array has its own disconnect located on each building. The three buildings are not close to each other. All buildings are on one meter.  Our electric company says we need a main disconnect that will turn off all three arrays at once. This will add a lot of expense to this