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Ibrahim Salih
Hello,   I have recently purchased the NFPA 36, but i could not find what I was looking for. Basically I was looking for steps to control fire inside solvent extraction DT [Desolvantizing Toaster Equipment].    We have Steam Fire Extinguisher System, but I am asking in case this fails what to do?

Hi everyone. Is this neccessary to consider interface between Fire Alarm System & room HVAC system? while 2-1.13 of nfpa 91 says:" Fire detection and alarm systems shall not be interlocked to shut down air-moving devices." On the other hand, 21.7.3 of NFPA 72: Connections between fire alarm systems and the HVAC system for the purpose of
Kristin Bigda
Memorial Day is a holiday of remembrance, honor, dedication, and the start of the summer season. Along with sunshine and BBQs, the holiday also brings additional safety concerns and fire risks. NFPA 1, Fire Code, contains valuable requirements to help local inspectors and authorities ensure communities stay safe this holiday weekend and throughout
Achim Hering
The following Wikimedia Commons Category: showcases fire testing per ASMT E814, which highlights a problem for bus ducts. Bus ducts are qualified to UL 857. 857 includes mandatory testing for ampacity derating. Nothing prevents a bus duct manufacturer
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Christy Valvo
I would like to see information on those whom have used split PVC conduit and sweeps in electrical applications and determine its approved uses. I had heard UL did not approve but ETL (intertec) has approved for use per UL 651 (meaning I believe includes locations approved for both schedule 40 and schedule 80 PVC) any thoughts and recommendations