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Hi, I would like to know the requirements and equations I need to use based on NFPA codes, to : 1) Size the Explosion relieving Devise , i.e., Explosion Panel or Explosion Hatch for Starch Siloes used in Pulp& Paper Mills to store Starch. I am interested i8n knowing the requirement for adding these devises for Existing Bolted Siloes or New

Hoping to hear some opinions about the dilemma.   Situation:  A home entertainment center, which now has an uninterruptible power supply.  The UPS is currently plugged into an outlet, definitely acceptable.  However, on occasion I want to move the UPS to a different location.  These occasions are very rare, until now not
In light of the mass protests in Minneapolis, NFPA Journal Podcast is running an episode that first aired on January 12, 2016, which explores the many implications of civil unrest and mass protests for city fire departments. Most of the audio in the episode is from fire officials in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, who discussed their experiences
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I am an electrician at a VA health care facility. I was recently tasked with doing a Relocatable Power Tap (RPT) audit of all of our patient care rooms. I understand that the area within 6 feet of where the patient receives care the RPT has specific requirements for the type of RPT and the equipment it can support. My question is specific to the
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Clause, NFPA 58 Any space beneath the floor shall be solid fill, or the perimeter of the space shall be left entirely unenclosed   I am looking for some clarification on this clause and how it relates to a partially enclosed (concrete walls but open to sky) LPG enclosure.  The enclosure is located above a basement car