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Does an electric smoker oven that uses a small quantity of wood for flavouring enhancement need to comply with chapter 14 Napa 96 that deals with solid fuel cooking operations?

While I am conducting a site visit to one of pressurized stair, I found out there is a concrete slab separated the mechanical equipment from the pressurized stair. The stair enclosure was supposed to be built in compliance with (2) of NFPA 101-2018 Edition which doesn’t seem require a slab separation based on the Exhibit 7.126
Multi-story building.   NFPA 101-2012 edition. Reference Section (fire barriers/horizontal exits). (1) and (2) are met.    A floor above discharge floor has a fire barrier with a horizontal exit, three exit stairs discharging directly to the exterior and currently one exit stair
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Hi all. I keep going down the RPT rabbit hole after reviewing NFPA 1, UL 1363, UL White Book, and OSHA. I have come to the conclusion the NEC is silent on RPTs. All the references above seems to say hey, yup you can use RPTs in accordance with their listed use. The kicker for me is UL 1363 which mentions fixed wiring:   "In
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How did I get here? When you read an average of a half-dozen home fire death stories every day for a month, it changes you. That’s not hyperbole; I did, and it changed me. At the conclusion of 2019,I wrote in my #101Wednesdays blog about the year and decade in review in terms of life safety from fire.While there were several significant