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Greetings, Does anyone have some really good fire system ideas for remote generation. Imagine that you have 60 locations and getting service in these areas is expensive and sometimes not possible due to weather.   I'm hoping for some ideas on simple, compact and robust possibilities. Remember these would have to be flown out to these areas

I have a multi use building in the planning stage. It will be 3 stories tall. The basement will be storage and 1 apartment unit. The first floor will be a restaurant. And the third floor will be 3 apartment units. They want to use NFPA 13 for the commercial space and 13R for the apartments. Just wondering if this can be done. Do the two systems
During the current national emergency, and the push to create spaces for patients, how does NFPA 99 and NFPA 101 relate to occupancy changes? Specifically, if a hospital wants to use a hotel for patients, would the hotel need to meet the occupancy for hospital or hotel? Similarly, using assembly spaces for patient care and treatment.
Hello, My organization is troubled by a recent question raised about the Rapid Shutdown Requirements of a Ground mount system which has AC conductors entering a building for interconnection.   In NH the guidance is the 2017 edition of the NFPA 70, and requirements stated in section 690.12. Back in 2014 this section stated that for a system
jesseroman On the NFPA Journal Podcast this week, Pieter Maes, a firefighter EMT at the Brussels fire department in Belgium, talks about the extraordinary steps that emergency responders in this European capital are taking to prepare for the onslaught of the Coronavirus pandemic. The crisis has