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Peer Discussions
Jonathan  Lund
2016 NFPA 72 requires detection for recall (21.3.7) -if a sprinkler is provided in the elevator pit, a detector is required.  Smoke detection is preferred, but may not be suitable for this location.  ANSI A17.1 ( requires Type 4 NEMA 250 rated equipment in the pit.  Does the detector (smoke or heat) and related

Robert McDonald
Here is a great article from Vice President of Field Operations, Don Bliss, discussing current NFPA efforts in developing countries.  NFPA monitors major fire incidents across the globe, and Don writes about the common thread linking these incidents.  He also gives a great run-down of the current NFPA operations in developing countries,
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I'm installing a comercial kitchen hood on a 2 storey house the wall on back on equipment is concrete foundation 2x4 studs( lumber) drywall and ceramic tile 1 hour fire rated  . on celling is wood joist floor covered with type c drywall and 1/2" cement board on bottom and above sub floor plywood and ceramic what is need to get zero clearance
NFPA Blogs
Kristin Bigda
We are a little over a month away from the 2017 NFPA Conference & Expo to be held this year in Boston, MA...NFPA's backyard! Following completion of the Public Input and Public Comment stages, there is further opportunity for debate and discussion of issues through the NFPA Technical Meeting that takes place at the NFPA Conference &
NFPA Blogs
Lisa Braxton
Spring is when many people decide to open up their seasonal houses, cabins, and cottages. An important part of the preparation is gearing up for fire safety. Just like permanent housing, vacation homes are vulnerable to unsafe conditions. By the time vacationers arrive at their seasonal homes, the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms may