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Looking for interpretation of Article 430.130(A)(1) and (2) with respect to Branch-Circuit Short-Circuit and Ground Fault Protective device rating for single motor applications when a VFD is installed. The article refers back to 430.52 which really addresses manual motor controller and overload relay configurations, limiting the maximum value to

Hello,   We are looking at ways to make the annual maintenance process easier for more people, especially those in remote or rural areas who may have a hard time getting a service company to come and check their extinguishers.   One idea we had was to develop an app that allows users to take photos of their extinguisher from various
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Article 330.12 prohibits MC cable when exposed to mechanical damage. 690.31(D) allows MC cable when intalled in an area that is not readily accessible.  My client wants to install MC cable across the open roof of a building, arguing that access is restricted to qualified and trained personnel only so that qualifies as not readily
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We have an issue with a man who built a homemade spray room in his tenant space of a shopping mall. It has no ventilation and he is blocking sprinkler heads with storage. The walls are covered with visqueen and the floor is covered with cardboard and more visqueen. He uses this area to paint custom picture frames with spray paint and
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Does Fire Sprinkler riser's water flow switch initiate elevator emergency recall? In NFPA 72 "Table A." Typical Input/Output Matrix" shows water flow switch on first or second floor initiate elevator emergency recall but this table is located on appendix A and I am not able to find the support code section.    Note: Appendix